June 16th, 2015. An important date for Tesori of Japan Association that, together with WJ Network and in collaboration with Brescia Industrials Association (AIB), hosted a Japanese delegation coordinated by Nagoya Chamber of Commerce in the showrooms of Milan World Fair Expo.
Stefano Gatti, the general manager of Italian Pavillion, welcomed the delegation guided by President Shiroki Kazuo, followed by the consortium “Orgoglio Brescia”, of which AIB is founder, the inventor of the symbol of Expo and, at the same time, of Brescia Excellence: the Albero della Vita (tree of life).
After the visit to the exhibitions hosted inside the Italian Pavilion and a lunch break in Franciacorta space, it was the Japanese delegation, which, invited by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, accompanied Tesori of Japan and WJ Network to the Japanese Pavilion, inspired to the harmonious difference and considered one of the most appreciated structures of the entire exposition.
The first of many appointments for Tesori of Japan in Expo. In fact, the Association proposes itself as contact point between cities of Aichi Prefecture and the World Expo Fair, looking at future economic and cultural exchanges that can be created between the two Countries.