An important and concrete answer from Aichi Prefecture and city of Nagoya at the inauguration of Tesori of Japan Association celebrated the 8th July. In fact, the most important representatives of Central Government, of Prefecture, of the city, of local and national mass media and a prestigious share of territorial enterprises and of our Japanese business community were present to the event.
The event began with greetings and congratulations of the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce Naito Hiroyasu, also president of Rinnai group, who appreciated the initiative, confirming total support from institutions to the new project of the Association, which aims to the planned promotion of Made in Italy and Made in Japan excellences. Particularly appreciated the extraordinary participation of the President of Chamber of Commerce, Okaya Takuichi, who took part to the Ceremony, nevertheless its many commitments.
During the presentation of Tesori of Japan, and of WJ Network of which it is part, Riccardo D’Urso officially announced the opening of Galleria Italia in the prestigious district of Higashi Sakura of Nagoya, previewed for the beginning of October, and the birth of the first “Padiglione Italia” in Messe Nagoya Fair from 4th to 7th November. Appointments which have immediately inspired a strong enthusiasm among participants and a precious confirm of support and participation.
The following Party at the Quadrifoglio Restaurant, inside the wonderful FLARIE structure and totally reserved to the Association for the occasion, viewed Grana Padano as absolute protagonist (by now a must of Made in Italy events in the city). It has embellished the special day for WJ Network in Japan, moreover for the new international promotion program of made in Japan in Italy, in Europe and in the world, shared with institutions and Japanese enterprises.
Instead, the toast and final greetings by the General Manager of Jetro of Nagoya, Mr. Fujii Shinya that, through the International Business Support Center, gave an essential contribution to the birth of the Association in Japan.