In the Italian World Expo Fair year, 2015, we celebrate the first 10 years of town-twinning between Nagoya and Turin. In fact, the agreement was signed in 2005, during the World Expo Fair of Aichi, in connection with Nagoya Festival of Twinned-town.
The union of the two cities, based on common roots at historical, artistic, business level, has brought to a decennial mutual promotion of their major international events, as well as of contemporary arts and economic exchanges among institutions. Furthermore, it favored a business system, in particular in ICT and automobile sectors.
As far as for art, the key linchpin of exchanges is design, as well as have been environmental practices adopted by the two towns. But not only arts, economy and technology, also their history put together those important cultural centers that, in the past, have both represented the first capital cities, symbol of the unification of the Countries.
Turin, the Capital of the first Italian Kingdom in 1861, and Nagoya, the chosen Capital by Tokugawa Ieyasu that, in 1612, put under a unique domain feudal Japan. Mutual investments, innovation, history and culture are remembered this year in many events in both Countries, to celebrate the rewarding partnership of this first ten years.